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mrsarcastic_tim's Journal

Community for fans of Tim Drake
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Hello! You have stumbled upon mrsarcastic_tim. This community is dedicated to the DC character, Tim Drake.

Hopefully you know who Tim Drake is, but just in case, he's the third person to take up the Robin name. He has been featured in many different DC comics and shows, but he has his own comic book series aptly titled Robin. If you're interested in reading alot more on Tim, check out Young Justice (which is was the leader of) and Teen Titans (which is currently a member of). You can also find him in many Batman animated series.

This community is for everyone to join and contribute to. However, there must be rules.

+Post must be mainly about Tim. No Tim? This isn't the place to post it. Features Tim? Post away!
+This community is open to fanfics and fanart featuring Tim with anyone, be it homosexual or heterosexual. Don't like the pairing? Don't read it! Be open minded please!
+Icons, banners, wallpapers, layouts, etc are welcome! However all large pictures should be under a cut, no more then one small picture is aloud out of a cut, and no more than three icons are aloud out of a cut.
+All fanart and fanfics should be under a cut and a contain a rating. No on wants their boss or mama behind them when they click on a link and see a penis. Just... no x.x
+Please try to use subjects appropriately when posting. They really do help when searching for a past post.
+Spoilers? Under cut with warning. Feel free to rant about the latest Tim story twist, just keep in mind that some people may have not gotten around to buying the newest issue yet.
+Have a question? Ask away and expect to receive a polite answer! Need a certain tim pic and can't find it? Ask! want to just post your favorite pics of Tim for no reason? Go ahead!
+BE POLITE and KIND I can not stress this enough. Trying to be a know it all asshole gets you no where in life
+Post, comment, have fun!!

If you need to talk to a mod, please contact either starbeams or in_excelsis_dea at our journals. We will get back to you asap!